How in 1 weekend I took control of my energy costs and did my part to save the environment!!!


I no longer worry about my energy cost since I found a step by step system which showed me how to build my own wind and solar generators for under $200. In one weekend with parts from the local hardware store, I was able to take control of my energy costs and do my part to save the environment.

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My name is Lynda Montgomery.  I was getting frustrated with the high cost of energy and was looking for an alternative.  Admittedly, I was initially only concerned with cutting energy costs.  When I started to research alternatives I was horrified to discover the damage that the energy companies were doing to the environment

Here are some examples of what I found:


ō  The production of electric power generates more pollution than any other industry in the United States.

ō   The United states is responsible for 28% of the world wide power generating CO2 emissions. 

ō   Just one 150-megawatt coal-fired power plant produces more than one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Thatís the same emissions of more than 300,000 cars.

ō   Coal-fired power is the leading source of mercury emissions in North America, which are dangerous to people, fish and wildlife.

ō    Sulphur dioxide in the air can also form into sulphuric acid creating acid rain which can have drastic ecological impacts on lakes by changing the water's acidity, making the lake uninhabitable for its resident fish, plants and animals.


After learning the facts, I was even more motivated to make a difference.  Not only did I want to save money, but I wanted to make a difference and save the planet for my children.  I searched all the forums and information sites to find out what I can do.   

I wanted to make a difference.

I started by:

  •  Replacing our incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

  •  Getting rid of my husbandís 15-yr old fridge in the garage that he used for beer.

  • Turning off lights in rooms that werenít being used.

  • Unplugging appliances not in use like the coffee maker.

  • Adjusting thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter.

  • Reducing the use of air conditioning

  • Replacing furnace filters.

  • Replacing our 20-yr old electric water heater.

  • Running appliances a night like the washer, dryer and dishwasher.

These efforts did make a difference but, not as much as I had hoped.  With all the changes we made, we never saw any reduction in our monthly utility costs.  It seemed that while we were helping the environment, we were no further ahead with our electricity bill.  The benefits from all of our efforts were off-set with increased utility costs.  We were still contributing to the power company getting richer and destroying the environment.  It felt as if the power company knew I was trying to cut back and were punishing me by increasing my cost to off-set their loss.

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I started to research some more and found alternative sources of energy.  I was encouraged when I read that solar and wind are among the most promising raw energy sources.  One night going through the flyers in the evening newspaper I noticed that my local big box retailer was advertising renewable energy sources (windmills and solar panels) retailing between $500 and $2,000.  I thought I had found my answer so I rushed to get one.  When I got there and asked some questions, I found out that this barely produced enough energy to power 1 incandescent light bulb let alone an appliance. At this rate the payback will be 10 years and I am not really helping the environment.  I could do the same by turning off another light. This just didnít seem like a worth while endeavor.

Eventually, I found something that worked.


I was surfing the net, frustrated by not being able to find a solution, when I stumbled upon Earth 4 Energy.  The website seemed too good to be true, claiming to drastically cut my energy costs and even suggesting that the power company will pay me.  I showed my husband, the ever-skeptic, and pointed out the fact that it was rated #1 site as seen on: Google, The New York Times, E-zine, CNN, NBC, Cnet and AOL.  He thought it was a waste of time and money but, despite his advice, I decided to order. 


My husband thought I was crazy and wanted nothing to do with it.  Determined as I am, I was not going to ask for his help.  I was going to show him.  I followed the instructions word for word.  In one weekend and for about $200, I was able to cut our energy cost by 78%.  We have not been fortunate enough to have the power company pay us but, the program has more than paid for itself.  I am a believer.  More importantly, I am making a difference.


Here's why I recommend it.

Earth 4 Energy is the first and only program simple enough for anyone to use.  You do not need to be an engineer, electrician or a carpenter. The instructions are so easy to follow that I did everything myself.   I only needed my husband to help install the solar panel.  If not for my fear of heights I would not have needed his help at all. 

Although I havenít been able to get paid by the power company as it says on the website, I have been able to take control of my energy costs.  The benefits from a weekend of work and a few hundred dollars will pay dividends for years to come.

In my opinion Earth 4 Energy is by far the best product on the market.  It has paid for itself in the first month.  I can sleep better knowing that I am doing my part to help save the environment and saving money at the same time.

I hope you have found this information useful and it inspires you to make a difference.


Lynda Montgomery

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